Transition from Bugzilla to GitLab has begun

Simon Steinbeiss simon at
Wed May 20 20:53:59 CEST 2020

Good news everyone!

@devs: Please take the chance and go through open bugreports and close the
obsolete ones!
@contributors: Please help us to clean up, so we only move the actually
necessary issues!

"We" (the royal "we" aka Romain) have kicked off the transition from
Bugzilla to GitLab last night! \o/
The first components we migrated were xfce4-sample-plugin and all
components in www/

1. We will be migrating components in batches, starting with "less
important" smaller ones and moving on to the really big chunks in the
"xfce" group (~2000 of the 3000 open bugs).
2. We will be switching each component that is migrated to "read only",
i.e. *no new bugs can be reported on Bugzilla*.
3. A comment will be left behind for all people caring about the open
report with a hyperlink to the migrated GitLab issue (Example:
4. As soon as we are completely done with the transition, i.e. all open
bugs have been moved, comes the big awesomeness: We will run Andre's tool
and have a static version of Bugzilla - so plain html without having to
actually keep Bugzilla running. This means all links will continue to work
and the full history of the Xfce bug archives will remain available for
future search.

As the transition is semi-manual (someone needs to trigger the script and
check if everything went fine) we cannot give you an exact timeline, as it
depends on our free time. But we will try to get this over with *as soon as
I will probably continue tonight with Thunar plugins and bindings to
familiarize myself with the script in action (I actually did port one
component last night, but it's better to practice ;))

In other news: we have a basic CI setup now for all components in the
"xfce" group and for most in the "apps" group.

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