Forcing power manager to use slock instead of light-locker

Bjoern Franke bjo at
Mon Mar 23 15:49:29 CET 2020

Am 23.03.20 um 15:41 schrieb Justin Mathew:
> Thanks for the reply,
> I tried that but this is what I get.

xflock contains:
for lock_cmd in \
    "$LOCK_CMD" \
    "xfce4-screensaver-command --lock" \
    "xscreensaver-command -lock" \
    "light-locker-command --lock" \
    "gnome-screensaver-command --lock" \
    "mate-screensaver-command --lock"
    if [ ! -z "$lock_cmd" ]; then
        $lock_cmd >/dev/null 2>&1 && exit

# else run another access locking utility, if installed
for lock_cmd in \
  "xlock -mode blank" \

So, if you remove light-locker and all other above possible lockers if
installed, slock should be used automatically.

Kind Regards

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