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> El 29/6/20 a las 17:33, Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI escribió:
> > I have been having a problem with LibreCAD, the font size used for the menus, the menu bar, and the status bar are so small that the program is unusable as it is.
> > Found a solution which is to launch it from the CLI with xrandr --dpi 96 && librecad, which solves the font size problem.
> > So I tried to put that in my LibreCAD launcher, replacing librecad %F with /usr/bin/xrandr --dpi 96 && librecad %F
> > Sadly, it does not work, and librecad does not start.
> > Am I missing something ?

> May be you can create a script "" with the content:
> 8<----------
> #!/bin/bash
> /usr/bin/xrandr --dpi 96 && librecad $1
> exit
> 8<----------
> And then, you can change the launcher to call it instead.
> I use this method with some launchers that does not work at all if the 
> command line has several parameters.

Thank you for the pointer.

Tried this, running ~/bin/librecad from the CLI works beautifully, but if I put ~/bin/librecad %F in the launcher it gives me an error window , 
Failed to execute ~/bin/librecad %F
Failed to execute child process "~/bin/librecad" (no such file or directory)

and if I put /home/ron/bin/librecad $1 in the launcher  LibreCAD starts with the unreadable small font.

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