Launcher problem

Silvio Knizek killermoehre at
Mon Jun 29 19:24:37 CEST 2020

Am Montag, den 29.06.2020, 11:33 -0400 schrieb Renaud (Ron) OLGIATI:
> I have been having a problem with LibreCAD, the font size used for the menus, the menu bar, and the status bar are so small that the program is unusable as it is.
> Found a solution which is to launch it from the CLI with xrandr --dpi 96 && librecad, which solves the font size problem.
> So I tried to put that in my LibreCAD launcher, replacing librecad %F with /usr/bin/xrandr --dpi 96 && librecad %F
> Sadly, it does not work, and librecad does not start.
> Am I missing something ?
> Cheers,
> Ron.

a launcher is not a shell. Therefor, you can't use shell syntax like
As LibreCAD is based on Qt4 or Qt5 depending on your version of
LibreCAD, you should check out the corresponding documentation on how
to set the DPI in Qt applications. See for some information.


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