Running Dual Desktops on Xubuntu 20.04?

Alex acs82 at
Tue Jun 2 16:11:44 CEST 2020

Hi Jeffery,

never tried that ...  is that a so called Zaphod head configuration?

Iirc, Olivier Fourdan explained somewhere, that this will not be
supported any more by gtk3. (Afaik gtk now only allows to manage a
single "screen" instance, having 1..N displays)

Since Xubuntu 20.04 / xfce 4.14 uses gtk3, Zaphod head is not supported

(Olivier, please correct me if I am wrong !)

Alexander Schwinn

Am 31.05.20 um 01:59 schrieb Jeffery Small:
> Has anyone with two or more screens installed Xubuntu 20.04 and tried
> to run independent desktop sessions on two monitors?  This was
> possible under 18.04 but not since then. I'm on 19.10 and would like
> to know what to expect before upgrading.
> Thanks.
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