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>I'm on Debian Buster, using nvidia 418.74-1. Recently  Xfce desktop
>stopped to show up after login via lightdm. Screen showing standard
>Debian wallpaper, but not my wallpaper, and everything else misses.
>Switching to text console (ctrl alt f1) and back brings everything in
>I've noticed that mouse cursor changes its shape when I move it,
>according to invisible windows it currently hovers over.
>Clearing .cache/sessions, suggested on other sites, didn't help.
>In .xsession-errors there's strange entry saying
>"xfdesktop_file_icon_manager_add_icon(): att" instead of
>"xfdesktop_file_icon_manager_add_icon(): attempting ...", after which
>there're some errors.
>Disabling all entries in "Session and Startup | Autostart" tab doesn't
>Freshly created user isn't affected -- after lightdm logs in, desktop
>Perhaps, there some logs I could check further to pinpoint root cause?

And also see

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