Xfce Digest, Vol 191, Issue 7

jEsuSdA 8) listas at jesusda.com
Wed Oct 23 10:10:03 CEST 2019

El 23/10/19 a las 0:07, Sean Davis escribió:
> Yeah, I think there are fixes needed in Compton, but it appears to no 
> longer be maintained.
> https://github.com/chjj/compton last commit in 2017.

The point is not Compton itself.
These problems could appears when using any other Window Manager or 
Compositors like KWIN, Compiz, or even XFWM.

Compton still on heavy development in this fork:

>> - Maybe for some users like you the "roll" feature is nonsense, but it
>> is very useful. If XFCE want to be user-focused as always, dropping
>> these features could be considered a step backward.
> I agree that we shouldn't move backwards with these sorts of features, 
> and there might be ways for us to handle this within Xfwm. It requires 
> further exploration.

Thanks! ;)

>> But, you wrote some ideas I consider interesting: Maybe if you proceed
>> to add CSD but you ensure some users like me can start these
>> applications with gtk3-nocsd or GTK_CSD=0 and they could work fine, this
>> could be a good solution to bring happiness to all users.
> Definitely. Any place where we are not explicitly using headerbars (e.g. 
> we use CSD titlebar decorations), turning CSD off is just a matter of 
> the GTK_CSD=0 flag. In theory, we could add this to the settings manager.

Thanks so much. I think this can bring us the option to choose while at 
the same time we can take advantage of the good things you comment on 
about CSD.

>> The ones who like CSD could follow the new XFCE standard out-of-the-box,
>> and the ones who hate that could force no-csd and being happy.
> I think there's an inherent risk to depending on gtk3-nocsd in general. 
> As the project page states, it's a hack. And it hasn't seen updates 
> since 2016.
> https://github.com/PCMan/gtk3-nocsd

Yes. This is cause I suggested to have a native XFCE tool/config to do 
that. We don't know what time gtk3-nocsd still working in future and, in 
fact, there are some apps that ignores this.

> Whatever we do, we don't want to alienate our users and our developers. 
> It's hard to strike a balance between users that want new features and 
> those that don't like change, and this happens to be a particularly 
> divisive change.

Yes, It is. ;)

Thank you so much for considering our opinions as users. I think this is 
the main thing what makes XFCE so great! ;)

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