Why CSD?

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I just read this piece of news:


Where we can read the new plans to add CSD to XFCE.

I also read https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadmap/general_ui/csd

But I still no understanding the actual benefits of switching to CSD 

What are the benefits of migrating to CSD?

I ask this cause In my opinion, mixing normal and CSD is a pain. There 
is no way to have a uniform experience and appearance when using almost 
tall GTK themes but the awful Adwaita and window composition like 
Compiz, Compton, etc. and I had to make some tricks to avoid some CSD 

In my opinion, HeaderBars are a non-sense. You only have a good desktop 
experience when you only use CSD+HeaderBars apps, which is impossible 
cause a normal user uses a lot of applications that does not follow 
these UI Guidelines. Also a normal user uses QT applications inside GTK 
environments. At least you have no plans to use HeaderBar, which is good 

In the screenshots we can see at 
https://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.16/roadmap/general_ui/csd there are some 
cases we can see how the XFCE consistency breaks:



- If you configures XFWM to not showing the icon in the window border, 
when using CSD the icon could appears in left-top corners.

- The window title border size is not the same in CSD windows and 
Non-CSD ones.

- You can minimize, roll, maximize and close the non-CSS windows, but 
you only can close the CSD ones.

- What if the XFWM is configured to not using composition (so windows 
have no shadows) and CSD windows forces shadows?

- And, what if you are using a configuration of composition with shadows 
and CSD have shadows too? (I use compton and I have to tweak the CSS 
theme to avoid CSD shadows, cause, if not all the CSD windows have 2 

I’m a bit worried about the new CSD implementation. So, please, help us 
to understand why this is preferable.

Thanks a lot!

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