Debian Buster -- desktop doesn't appear

nosov vladimir ruvn33 at
Wed Oct 16 21:14:51 CEST 2019

I'm on Debian Buster, using nvidia 418.74-1. Recently  Xfce desktop stopped to show up after login via lightdm. Screen showing standard Debian wallpaper, but not my wallpaper, and everything else misses.

Switching to text console (ctrl alt f1) and back brings everything in order.

I've noticed that mouse cursor changes its shape when I move it, according to invisible windows it currently hovers over.

Clearing .cache/sessions, suggested on other sites, didn't help.

In .xsession-errors there's strange entry saying "xfdesktop_file_icon_manager_add_icon(): att" instead of "xfdesktop_file_icon_manager_add_icon(): attempting ...", after which there're some errors.

Disabling all entries in "Session and Startup | Autostart" tab doesn't help.

Freshly created user isn't affected -- after lightdm logs in, desktop appears.

Perhaps, there some logs I could check further to pinpoint root cause?


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