Feature request: window placement widget that allows for multiple placements / sizes

Stephane Ascoet stephane.ascoet at univ-paris1.fr
Fri Nov 29 16:21:20 CET 2019

> Thanks, Stephane for the information.  I suppose I'm a bit confused --
>  is there a difference between a floating and a stacking window
> manager?  My initial research seems to indicate not.

Hi, what do you mean by "difference"?

> My understanding is that MacOS X Window Manager is a stacking window
> manager.  I'm quite comfortable with using this type of window manager
> -- except I miss this one feature on Linux (and Windows, for that
> matter).

What do you call "Mac OS X WM"? The one that is integrated with the OS? 
It's a floating one, with apparently, based on what you are writing, 
some stacking functions. It was unusual but it seems that now more and 
more WM support both modes at the same time.

> ith Moom, the pre-defined configurations specify potential geometries
> for all windows that support maximization -- and I dynamically choose
> which pre-defined geometry to apply to a given window instance at any
> moment -- all driven by the mouse.  I retain the control to
> individually resize the windows as desired.

I'm not an expert in tiling WMs(I'd like to, but don't have time to 
investigate more on i3). As far as I know, this one probably can do what 
you want with rc files, as you guessed it. But dynamically with a mouse, 
I'm not sure at all.
Cordialement, Stephane Ascoet

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