Feature request: window placement widget that allows for multiple placements / sizes

Jon Boone ipmonger at delamancha.org
Wed Nov 27 15:21:25 CET 2019

Greetings folks,

  I have zero experience working with X11 window managers, but I would
like to see a feature added to Xfce's window manager.  On my Apple
MacOS machines, I have an app called Moom which allows me to set up
alternatives for full-screen maximize -- I currently have a grid of
10x10 blocks and have configured left/right half of screen, top/bottom
half of screen, upper left quarter, upper right quarter, lower left
quarter lower right quarter and center (which retains current size).

  I would like to be able to do this under Xubuntu as well.  I have
already begun to migrate my normal work flow for home to Xubuntu, but
I really miss this feature available under MacOS X.  I'm very happy to
contribute to the development of the feature, but I have no idea where
to start.  Any pointers would be appreciated.


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