Move windows across workspaces with arrow keys

Björn Baumbach bb at
Mon May 27 16:20:21 CEST 2019


I'm new to this list. I use xfce4 since a few months and I'm really
happy with it. But there is one thing which I would like to adapt.

On enlightenment, which I've used before for years, it was possible to
grab a window with [Alt]+[left Mouse] and then switch to a different
workspace. Then the grabbed window is also moved to the new workspace
and is still grabbed.
On xfce4 I switch to a different workspace by [ALT]+[one of the arrow
Keys]. If I now grab a window and try to move it to a new workspace (by
switching the workspace), I just move the window a short distance on the
same workspace in the expected direction.
Additionally, when I presss [Alt]+[left Mouse], it takes up to a second
before the mouse pointer switches to the "move"-symbol. I've to await
this time until I can move the window.

In the Windows Manager Keyword settings I've specified the following:

Move window: empty
Move window to *: empty
Upper workspace: Alt+Up
Bottom workspace: Alt+Down
Left ...

Unfortunately I do currently not see an option to achieve the old
familiar behaviour.
I know, there are other options to move windows to other workspaces, but
I would like to use the mentioned way.

Best regards,

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