ACLs and Thunar

Alex acs82 at
Mon May 6 21:14:13 CEST 2019

Hi Paul,

I did not find any reference regarding POSIX-1003.1e in the thunar code
(neither in Nautilus).

Not sure if thunar needs to add specific support for it, or if that
should come from the underlying OS ? Possibly related to gvfs ?

Which thunar version is used on the Slackware machine ?

You could try to compile the same thunar version from source on the
debian machine to check if it is a thunar issue at all.

If so, please open a bug for it on

Thanks & Cheers,


On 06.05.19 14:40, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
> Hello,
> I am the sysadmin of a thin-client server, where posix ACLs are used.
> When a user opens Thunar, many folders look-like closed (you see a red
> cross), but they are open because of the ACLs. They can go inside and do
> what they like, but the "look" is wrong.
> I know that Thunar can do this the right way, my customer has an old
> Slackware machine where it works fine on the same data-set.
> I've copied the /etc/xfce4 directory of the old Slackware machine where
> it is working fine to the new machine with Debian. But no success..
> Somebody an idea on how to do this?
> With regards,
> Paul van der Vlis

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