Spare borders when tiling

Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Tue Jun 19 09:46:59 CEST 2018


On Tue, 19 Jun 2018 at 09:07, Pétùr <peturvilj at> wrote:
> When tiling in Xfce (xfwm4 4.12.4-1 in Debian sid) I have some space left
> at the bottom, left and right. The tiling is not border to border.
> Windows are from xfce4-terminal and emacs. My ratio screen is
> a popular one (16:9). I use the mouse to drag window to the border.
> Is there anyway to have a proper tiling with no space left? Future
> versions of Xfce are improving on this point?

Those applications specify a size increment so that the overall size
of the window remains a multiple of a character cell and xfwm4 honor
this even when tiling.

So this is not a defect in xfwm4, it just strictly applies what the
client has requested for its size (granted, there are exceptions
there, like maximized or fullscreen, xfwm4 will ignore size increments
for those).


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