How to maximize on multiple monitors

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Fri Aug 3 09:43:00 CEST 2018

I use the NVidia drivers from NVidia and not the open source drivers.
The reason is that with that you will get `nvidia-settings` and for me 
works the best to set up the display how I like.I have 3 moniotors of
different sizes and can set them up as separate desktops or as one

You could use it as one desktop and script your way around it in a way 
you can maximize to monitor, but that would not do the snapping as you 
working on one desktop and that one desktop does not have a border ib 

Another disadvantage would be that if you have two not alighned 
there will be an area on the desktop, that is a rectangle, that you can 
see and where things could 'hide'.

To wrap you head around it, you must think in term of desktops, and the
monitors are just there to show the desktops. To me having multiple
destops outwages the ability to e.g. drag from one monitor to another.

So what you want: having the desktop border the monitors AND have them 
the collection of monitors and have a non-rectangle desktop is not 
as far as I know.

You could stop reading here. Attention: rambling starts now.

Live example: Say I have two monitors with two desktops each. On one 
I am doing some HTML coding. On the other I have the browser to show the

I want to see a movie. I just go to another desktop and the second 
and all the rest is still available.And switching dssktops is better 
just going alt-tab between programs. On a desktop I could have several
programs in a specific layout. e.g. 6 terminal windows, while one 
2 I have other things in a different layout.

Going from 'read email and reddit next to eachother' to 'monitor 
servers' to
'programming with vim and data entry test' is an enourmour production 
once you get used to it.



The thing is that it will look either at the seperate desktops or at one

On 2018-08-02 11:24, Adrian Constantin wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a multi-monitor desktop (I believe many offices do nowadays),
> and many times I would like to maximize a window across all monitors.
> Can xfce support such a feature please ?
> I have Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with xfce 4.12
> I know some displays allow me to unify my monitors, but that is not
> the same thing and is not going to help much. Keeping separate
> monitors is helpful because windows snap to monitor boundaries by
> default. Still some windows I would like to maximize across the entire
> desktop.
> Screen placement for multiple screens does not have to line up nicely
> to compose a single rectangular or square desktop. Rather one monitor
> can be offset from others in any way the users wants to place them, to
> reflect physical screen placement. But maybe xfce can find the
> maximum-area rectangle that can still fit in the user arrangement of
> monitors, and use that as the new placement to maximize a window
> across monitors. Most users will be interested in monitors that
> line-up nicely anyway.
> --
> Thank you,
> Adrian Vasile Constantin
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