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Fri Oct 20 18:31:50 CEST 2017

Now I am confused, lol.   Usually there is a gtkrc for the older GTK 
implementation and the following is usually the GTK+
gtk.css   often defines just the colors that will be used
then it 'imports' something like the following.
@import url("gtk-contained.css");
where all the controls are manipulated in reference to layout, some 
coloring, etc.
Now just using the gtk.rc file will result in the GTK+ side defaulting 
to 'I have no freaking idea' but some what of a presentable interface, 
but with no GTK+ enhancements.
So when you got that error editing the gtk-contained.css, I'm guessing, 
you would have been able to fix the error.
But as you posted, you are happy with the current setup, go for it.


On 10/20/2017 12:21 PM, DGSJ wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 06:43:32PM -0500, Marshall Neill wrote:
>> You should have edited the
>> gtk.css
>>   file and checked what was the issue.   I have seen those types of errors,
>> as I constantly change the theme, and it is usually a missing  ;   or a
>> wrong variable (misspelled).
>> That is how you learn to fix things and not just circumvent the issue.
>> Regards
> Yes, you are right, but in this case, as it is a custom system, maybe,
> I'm not sure, I have made a mistake in the installation process, and two
> config files has been created for each style theme. And when the
> xfce4-terminal searches the config file chooses the .css one and fails. But
> not only in one theme but in all the themes from Xfce and Xfce-4.0 to
> Xfce-winter fail. I've had the precaution of updating the sources of themes
> (for example gtk-xfce-engine, awaita, tango -icon-themes, etc) and gtk+-2 y
> 3.
> On the other side, using only the gtkrc files everything looks well. That's
> why I suppose that all those .css shoudn't be there, more than trying to fix
> them.
>> On 10/18/2017 04:30 PM, DGSJ wrote:
>>> On Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 07:53:06AM +1100, Jim Dean wrote:
>>>> This is common when the GTK3 theme in use does not support the version of
>>>> GTK3 you are using.
>>>> On 16 October 2017 at 04:37, DGSJ <audobra at> wrote:
>>> After several trials updating GTK and the icon themes, finally I've found a
>>> solution I'd like to share with you.
>>> The files that define the styles are located in /usr/shared/themes, where
>>> you can find a directory for every style. Inside, there is one folder for
>>> gtk-2.0 and another for gtk-3.0, containing respectively a gtkrc and a
>>> gtk.css configuration file.
>>> All the problems seem to be caused by de gtk.css files. In fact, the final
>>> output of startxfce4 is dozens of Gtk warnings like:(xfce4-terminal:1120):
>>> Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:36:10....
>>> I have remove all the gtk-3.0 directories in the style themes, and not only
>>> the menu bars in xfce-terminal, but also other menu windows, like the ones
>>> for the energy administrator, look now much better.
>>> Thank you all for your help.
>>>>> Hello!
>>>>> I have build xfce desktop from source, on X11 windows manager, in my
>>>>> customized Linux operating system.
>>>>> I have found that the menu bar for the xfce terminal xfce4-terminal-0.8.4
>>>>> and also in the case of Gnumeric-1.12.33 doesn't look well.
>>>>> The names in the menu bar are all together, something like this:
>>>>> ArchiveEditTerminalHelp.
>>>>> It is possible when clicking in one of the names to display the
>>>>> sub-menus and the different items (open, close, copy, paste, save, save as
>>>>> etc.) work properly. But they look rather bad, the sub menus are completely
>>>>> plain, with no shadows to show 3D effect, nor a frame to limit the
>>>>> sub-menu.
>>>>> I've tried to change the types, themes, sizes etc, but it doesn't get
>>>>> better. I don't find any configuration menu for this issue. I have also
>>>>> tried to trim the GTK+-3 config file, but it seems to have no practical
>>>>> effect.
>>>>> Please, any help is welcomed, and thank you!
>>>>> Daniel
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