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Vinzenz Vietzke vinz at
Wed Oct 11 11:40:39 CEST 2017

> Redbubble is low quality. Cafepress is even lower.
> Unixstickers has some good Xfce stickers, but that's just stickers.
> Cafepress and Redbubble also don't do button-up shirts or embroidered
> designs.

Yep, exactly. I ordered stuff at Cafepress and Zazzle a few years ago. 
Their quality was horrible, to be honest. Looking at their price range 
makes it even more ridiculous.

I don't think that an Xfce "store" would compete as it's not focusing on 
gaining profit but more on some service for people interested in Xfce. 
Furthermore communicating that with buying stuff directly "at Xfce" 
supports the team's work might be a good point.

*If* the store gains some money one could spend that on:
a) infrastructure like domain, hosting, server costs.
b) material for public promotion at FLOSS events. Something like booth 
banners, posters etc.

Both ways are indeed good ways to support FOSS in general and Xfce in 
particular, I think.

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