Multiple screens with multiple workspaces?

houghi houghi at
Sun Nov 12 09:40:15 CET 2017

On 2017-11-12 00:49, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> On 11/11/17 19:14, houghi wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I used to have a PC with an NVidia card and I used the propriatary 
>> drivers and did configuration with nvidia-settings. That way I was 
>> able to get my multiple monitors run multiple workspaces individually.
>> Downside was no dragging from monitor to monitor. Updise was that if I 
>> changed the workspace from one monitor, it would not change it on the 
>> other monitor. To me personally, that is the best way to do it 
>> (Personal, not trying to convert anybody)
>> I have a new PC that has 2 HDMI (and a DVI) and with XFCE I have the 
>> ability to to have them either mirror the screens, or have them as one 
>> big workspace (Xinerama).
>> That means if I watch a movie on Monitor 1, I can not change the 
>> workspace on monitor 2, as that would change it on monitor 1 as well. 
>> So how can I turn off Xinerama, while it won't be mirro >
>> Is there a way to easily do this?
> When extending, how about 'pinning' your video player to all
> workspaces? i.e. in the window options for your video player accessed
> either from the top-left icon in the window or with the ALT+SPACE key
> you select 'Always visible on workspace'. In this way when you move to
> other workspaces the video player is still visible on the monitor
> where you placed it.

Thanks for your idea. The video was just one example for simplicity.
In reality I have 3 monitors with different types of programs and it
would rather that the machines adapt to how I work than to adapt to the
machine. ;-)

The option I can always go with would be to install the NVidia card to 
able to do what I want. It would just like to use the working three 
outputs on the motherboard. It is weird that what once the standard is
not available any more. It would also be nice to know how to do it if
NVidia decides not to put it in their next software update and not to be
dependent on a company for hardware.

I just hope there is an (undocumented) way of doing it without NVidia.

Kind regards,


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