Terminal broken for over a month [RESOLUTION]

phm moonpunter at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 15:52:43 CET 2017

Hello all,

Well, I took Saturday to do one of the following: reinstall, or find the
actual cause of my GTK woes. Here's one that will throw you: my package
manager was saying that 3.22 was everywhere. I even manually compiled
GTK+, no avail. Then I noted that I had a local installation of XFCE,
and got #debian, and was told right away that Debian doesn't do that by
default -- /usr/local/lib -- so I just pointed the symlinks to the
linux-gnu-x86_64 folder, and was good for a bit. Then after a reboot,
noticed same problem crop back up with Glade. So this is when I realized
that there was a crucial piece I had forgotten about that errant lib
directory: packageconfig. I pasted the packageconfig from /opt/gtk
(which I had built by hand) to /usr/local/lib, and that resolved the

Now I'm back where I was before I started having these problems,
productivity wise.

MANY thanks to Igor for help in debugging this issue. Please contact me
if you are finding this via Google and having a similar issue; by now
I'm probably 10x at dealing with it. :)


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