Is there a new integrated lock screen in XFCE ?

Jay Aurabind jay.aurabind at
Sun Jan 8 13:11:40 CET 2017


Docs said it doesn't, and I was using light-locker for the job. But
for some reason, I removed light locker and hence xflock4 would not
work for that obvious reason.

But, the other day, my laptop went to sleep because of low battery
(configured by xfce4-power-manager). It was also configured to lock
screen before sleep. As I plugged in the power and  turned the system
on, I was greeted with a totally **different** lock screen I've
haven't seen before.

I can see this screen only when it sleeps automatically because of low
battery. I'd like to use the same locking program for screen lock
manually as well.

Can anyone please help me identify which program is being run by the
power manager, or how to manually trigger this lock screen ?
I am using Arch Linux, with XFCE 4.12


Thanks and Regards,

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