Problems with 4.12

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Mon Sep 26 09:18:10 CEST 2016


I'm running a Xfce session now.

First of all, using Linux requires some amount of self-responsibility,
this means that you e.g. need to inform yourself a little bit.

A lot of GTK themes get broken when GTK 3.20 was released and a huge
part of the Linux community, including theme maintainers, are not much
interested in GTK anymore, so they stopped maintaining their themes.

However, already a while back, unrelated to the GTK issue, Xfce4
upgrades have broken the window title bar. Instead of a tiny one I used
since years, I now have some ugly heavily build, without changing the
theme, wich is one of the reasons that I stopped using Xfce.

If you request help, consider to use the correct terms. If you want to
get rid of "'File' 'Edit' 'View'", then you likely want to get rid of
the menu bar. Either use Gnome apps, they dropped the menu bar, or
check the view menu of your application, most likely you can disable
viewing the menu bar there, or less likely by the preferences.

You really expect that a right click menu launcher named
"Open Terminal Here"
doesn't open the terminal with ~/Desktop, if "here" actually is

1. Have you ever considered to invest at least a few minutes to read
how to use and set up Xfce?

All the help provided by me and other subscribers could be found out
within a minute of trail and error, by using the xfce4-settings-manager.

2. If something changes for your distro, then the distro's support
channels are appropriate, not this mailing list.

3. If you are using a terminal that doesn't belong to Xfce and it now
provides a menu bar, but it doesn't show this menu bar in the past,
then the appropriate support channel is the one that belongs to the app.

Btw. are you using Xfce's "Application Menu"? Or another menu, as e.g.
"Whisker Menu"? A right click on the menu icon does tell you. maybe
you're using a buggy menu, that doesn't belong to Xfce.

To get more themes, have you considered to install themes?


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