Servers offline on the 27th

houghi houghi at
Sun Sep 25 18:12:25 CEST 2016

On 2016-09-25 17:20, Jean-François Wauthy wrote:
> Le dimanche 25 septembre 2016 à 13:36 +0200, houghi a écrit :
>> Never knew that was hosted in the country I live in. Neat.
> UNamur[1] has been providing us with free housing for more than 10
> years now and, when they can, they even replace broken parts for free.
> We can't thank them enough for that.

Indeed very great of them. These kind of things do not get enough 
attention, I think.
I even looked on the website and could not find anything. Could well be 
that either XFCE or UNamur or both decides against it for, most likely, 
valid reasons.

> I think this is the first planned maintenance there requiring server
> shutdown. It is not ideal but I don't think the Xfce project is
> critical enough to require some 99,9% uptime.

I am sure that all people involved will be informed enough to know what 
they are doing and I thank you for that.
Turning off a server that works is never a great option, although 
sometimes the only one. Nervwrecking experience, no matter how often you 
have done it.

>> And no backup? Pity.
> As for the lack of backup, first you need more hardware and a second
> location (which might require money too). Then you need the competent
> people to configure and manage the servers and the additional
> complexity. Finally those people need to take/find the time to do that
> on top of whatever else they already do for the project or their real
> life.

I know. I am well aware of what is needed to do such a thing.
You also made me curious. What hardware are you running on? Is that info 
available anywhere? If not (or you are unwilling to share for security 
or other reasons), no worries.

> Instead of your condescending remark, maybe you can volunteer time or
> resources to help the project ?

I am sorry that you think that what I wrote was in any way 
condescending. In no way or for was that the case.
I actually think it is a pity that a backup system is not available.

As for being a volunteer: I do not have enough time any more. I used to 
be much more involved in OSS projects. Due to changes in my life that 
time has now been reduced.
The little time I have available now I like to spend on this list and 
sometimes I am even able to post an idea or an answer.
As with everybody, time is just not always available.

> 1 Regards
> [1]

Kind regards,


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