Completion of system sounds, login and logout

Jason Benjamin hexusnexus at
Fri Nov 11 23:17:19 CET 2016

I've noticed that sounds are compiled into XFCE for Debian and Arch 
users (the distributions I've been using lately).  However they depend 
on a few key files being edited and some packages being installed as 
well as xfce settings manager 

This could be because the distributions will not implement the sound 
features until the entire desktop specification is complete.  Of course 
this is from a user perspective.  Maybe all that is needed is to add 
login and logout sounds to xfce4 session manager.

There are many freedesktop specification sound schemes for playing the 
standard sounds invoked by libcanberra.  Perhaps maybe a default XFCE 
complete sound scheme can be produced.  Maybe for the login sound a 
mouse running in a wheel?

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