ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.6.0 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Fri May 20 21:57:28 CEST 2016

xfdashboard-0.6.0 "On your mark, get set, go! 0.6.0" was released on

This is a stable release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce






Release notes for 0.6.0

* Notice: Added a dependency to libxfce4util in configure script. The
  minimum version required is 4.10.0

* New feature: Split application into core library (shared library
  called libxfdashboard) and simple application (xfdashboard) which
  makes use of core library. This new library makes objects, e.g.
  plugins, and functions reusable, e.g. in settings application. Now
  header files and a shared library will be installed additionally.
* New feature: A new emblem effects was implemented called
  XfdashboardEmblemEffect. This new effect allows an icon to be drawn
  over an actor and can be added multiple times.
* New feature: Window content creation can now be delayed via a
  configurable option. It will make the application "feel" faster and
  responsive on slower machines or machines with slow graphics card
  (e.g. slow texture creation or uploading). A resume queue was
  implemented which will create the window texture one after one when
  the application is idle. This should help not to block the
  application at start-up or to become unresponsive when switching to
  workspaces with many windows. This results in a "feeling" that the
  application is faster and more responsive. A new xfconf property
  called "/window-content-creation-priority" was implemented and
  accepts the values: immediate, high, normal and low whereby the
  value 'immediate' will create the window content for each window at
  the time it was requested which is the behaviour known so far and it
  is also the default value. The other values determine how fast and
  how many window content textures should be created when application
  is idle. While 'high' tries to create as many window content textures
  as possible, the values 'normal' and 'low' will create much less.
* New feature: Implemented an application tracker which tries to
  determine and to keep track of running applications. Favourites in
  quicklaunch will be marked as running with the new emblem effect
  when one of the default themes is used. Also non-favourites running
  application will be added dynamically as temporary application
  buttons which look the same as stored favourites one but they are
  removed automatically when the last window of this application was
  destroyed. Running favourite applications will get CSS class
  '.favourite-app' added to its actor while dynamically added actors
  for non-favourite applications get the CSS class '.dynamic-app'
  added. So both "actors" can be themed differently. All dynamically
  added non-favourite actors are hidden at quicklaunch when a
  drag'n'drop action is in progress. (GH #39)
* New feature: A new command-line option "--view" was added. This
  command-line option takes one additional parameter to specify which
  view should be shown when xfdashboard gets visible either on start-up
  or on resume. This will only be applied once. It "overrides" any
  view configured in settings. (#12144)
* New feature: Added session management to xfdashboard to restart it
  in case it crashes (#12143)
* New feature: A new configuration option was added. The xfconf
  property "/always-launch-new-instance" takes a boolean value which
  decides to start always a new instance of an application or to
  activate the last known active window for it. (GH #97)
* New feature: Implemented a basic and simple plugin manager as well
  as plugins extending xfdashboard with new views, search providers
  and so called 'others'. The plugin named 'clock-view' adds a new
  view showing a clock with current time. The plugin
  'gnome-shell-search-provider' adds a search provider which uses all
  search providers installed for Gnome-Shell. The plugin 'hot-corner'
  is an 'others' plugin and adds the function to activate or suspend
  xfdashboard when the pointer is moved to a configured corner on
  primary monitor and therefore is only useful when xfdashboard runs
  daemonized mode. Plugins can be enabled or disabled in the settings
  application or via the new xfconf property "/enabled-plugins" which
  contains an array of strings. Each string is the name of the plugin
  to enable. The plugins are searched in the following search paths and
  in this order: the path at the environment variable
  XFDASHBOARD_PLUGINS_PATH (if set), then at
  $HOME/.local/share/xfdashboard/plugins and last but not least at
  (install prefix)/lib/xfdashboard/plugins.
* New feature: A theme can now define which actors in theme are
  focusable and in which order. A theme has to add <focusables> as
  child element of <interface> in layout file. For each focusable
  actor this <focusables> element contains a <focus> element with an
  "refID" attribute which refers to the ID of the actor which can be
  focused. The order of the <focus> elements is the order how the
  actors are focused. If the <focusables> element is missed in theme
  layout file the old behaviour is used. That means a fixed set of
  actor with a fixed order.
* New feature: Implemented a new button type XfdashboardActionButton.
  This new actor performs an action on a specified target actor class
  when clicked. It is configured similar to a key binding and behaves
  similar but is reduced to a target and an action. E.g. if a
  XfdashboardActionButton is added to a layout, a target like
  "XfdashboardFocusManager" with action "focus-move-next" can be
  defined which will move the focus to next registered focusable actor
  like the default key "Tab" at key bindings. (GH #102)
* New feature: Implemented a new actor in XfdashboardLiveWorkspace
  showing the workspace's name which is hidden by default but can be
  turned on by a theme. The workspace name actor gets the class
  ".title" added so that the actor (a XfdashboardButton) can also be
  themed. (GH #105)
* New feature: Add new signal "application-launched" to
  XfdashboardApplication which can be used by any object to indicate
  that it launched an application successfully.
* New feature: The applications search provider now counts how often
  an application was launched and can be used to calculate the
  relevance of an application in a search. This search provider
  supports new sort modes for this case and can be controlled via an
  unsigned integer property called
  "/components/applications-search-provider/match-mode" in channel
  "xfdashboard" at Xfconf which represents a flag. The default is
  "none" (with value zero) which is the old behaviour for just sorting
  them by title in alphabetical order. It is possible to sort them by
  relevance or score (with value one) or number of application
  launches (with value two) or both (with value 3). (GH #106)
* New feature: The result set (XfdashboardSearchResultSet) can now
  store a score between 0.0 and 1.0 for each item. This score can be
  used to order the result by score. A new sort mode in the
  applications search provider makes use of it. (GH #106)
* New feature: Add CSS pseudo-class ':insensitive' when actor changes
  its reactive state to being not reactive. If actor is reactive that
  pseudo-class is removed.
* New feature: Add configuration button in settings application and
  make the plugins configurable.
* New feature: The icon to show for an missing image can now be themed
  via the property 'missing-icon-name' at XfdashboardImageContent. It
  is not hard-coded to 'gtk-missing-image' anymore.
* New feature: Implemented a new themable property
  'show-window-content' at XfdashboardLiveWorkspace to manage if a
  workspace actor (e.g. used in workspace selector) should show the
  window content of the windows at this workspace or to show the
  windows' icon instead. (GH #89)
* New feature: Implemented a new themable property
  'background-image-type' at XfdashboardLiveWorkspace which behaves
  like the property 'background-image-type' at
  XfdashboardStage(Interface). (GH #81)
* New feature: Implemented a new property 'show-current-monitor-only'
  at XfdashboardWorkspaceSelector to limit the windows to show at
  XfdashboardLiveWorkspace to the windows of the monitor where the
  selector is placed on. This feature can only be enabled in layout
  but not in CSS. All themes enable this feature. (GH #87)
* New feature: Implemented a new signal 'window-monitor-changed' at
  window tracker to signal that a window has moved from one monitor to
  another. This signal is used by the windows view to determine if the
  moved window has to stay in this view or if another window view
  instance has to create an actor for this window and to handle it.
  (GH #88)
* New feature: Added a new environment variable
  XFDASHBOARD_FORCE_NEW_INSTANCE. This environment variable can be set
  to any value as it needs only to exist. But it is only checked if
  xfdashboard is compiled with debug support. If this enviroment
  variable is set to any value then it spawns a new instance of
  xfdashboard regardless if any other instance is already running.
  This is interesting to test a new compile of xfdashboard for
  debugging purposes while (a stable) xfdashboard instance is running
  in background in daemonized mode.
* New feature: Implemented a new action signal "exit" at
  XfdashboardApplication to perform quit of application when called
  which can be used at new button actor or at key bindings.
* New feature: Add CSS classes '.window-state-pinned',
  '.window-state-minimized', '.window-state-urgent' and
  '.window-state-maximized' to actors of type XfdashboardLiveWindow.
  XfdashboardLiveWindow will now reflect window state changes like
  urgent, minimized, maximized and pinned for theming purposes.

* Improved tooltip to behave more the tooltip known of GTK+.
* Improved search responsiveness by delaying initial search. But this
  delay is turned off by default so it behave like before. The delay
  can be configured in the settings. (GH #86)
* Improved behaviour to use mouse wheel to change workspace. The new
  behaviour allows to change workspace anywhere on the screen when the
  mouse wheel was used over an actor which does not handle the event
  by itself and as long as the windows view is active. (GH #103)
* Improved robustness of application for broken director monitor in
  Glib when running FreeBSD (it is just not using it)
* Improved view and search manager to register views and search
  providers with IDs allowing one type (GType of GObject) to be
  registered multiple times. This should allow, for example,
  multi-purpose search providers like the Gnome shell search provider
  object that will be registered several times but with different ID
  whereby the ID specifies with search provider to call via DBUS.
* Replaced all GTK+ stock icon names with corresponding ones from Icon
  Naming Specification
* Allow moving a window from one monitor to another in multi-monitor
  setups by drag'n'drop the window between window views. (GH #98)
* Activating a result item in search view or launching external
  application to perform search in application of search provider will
  now quit (standalone) or suspend (daemon mode) application
* Limit number of search results shown for each search provider which
  can be configured by a theme
* Keep order of search providers at search view in order as they were
  registered to have a constant order
* Added a compatibility layer to silence compiler warnings about usage
  of deprecated function in Clutter 1.24 and higher (GH #117)
* Implemented a new Model class called XfdashboardModel which replaces
  ClutterListModel to silence compiler warnings about usage of
  deprecated function in Clutter 1.24 and higher (GH #117)

* Fixed a bug that pinned windows are not shown at newly created (but
  not current) workspace at XfdashboardLiveWorkspace
* Fixed a warning printed to console when the setting
  "gtk-tooltip-timeout" was requested because it is deprecated and
  ignored by GTK+ derived application since GTK+ 3.10 and higher. So
  we should behave the same and set the timeout statically to the
  default duration which GTK+ is also using.
* Fixed bug that the windows view or applications view will be
  enforced to be shown (again) depending on the toggle state of
  application button in quicklaunch when a view is activated.
* Fixed visual glitches in search view, i.e. empty search view
  although results should be available and visible.
* Fixed visual error at applications view when using icon mode and
  crashes of xfdashboard. (GH #109 and GH #110)
* Fixed visual distorsion when allocation of a view or its scrollbar
  ranges might have changed. (GH #112)
* Fixed a possible memory leak when unregistering a view at view
  manager or a search provider at search manager
* Fixed a bug that the windows view did not recognize that a window
  has move to the current active workspace when a workspace was
  removed and it did not show the moved window in view. (GH #91)
* Fixed a bug that the functions to determine the preferred width and
  height in XfdashboardScaledTableLayout are called recursively and
  crashes the application
* Fixed calculation of workspace selector's size by fraction or
  maximum size in multi-monitor setup by using size of
  XfdashboardStageInterface for calculation instead of stage's size
  which is the size of all monitors.
* Fixed duplicate IDs in CSS selectors by throwing an error
* Fixed a bug at the layout manager's allocation function of object
  class XfdashboardDynamicTableLayout which set the allocation on
  container within the layout manager's allocation function and calls
  itself recursively and infinitely.
* Fixed the calculation of number of columns and rows and also the
  largest width and/or height of all children in object class
  XfdashboardDynamicTableLayout to prevent recursive and infinite
  calls to the same function. Also fixed number of columns or rows
  when we need to reduce them to fit into allocation. (GH #111)
* Fixed actors of applications view filling whole horizontal space
* Fixed crash in search view when a result item is focused and
  selected but removed or hidden when search terms are updated
  (GH #123)
* Fixed unpredictable reselections of result items in search view when
  the current selection was destroyed or hidden while updating
  results. (GH #119)

* As usual there are a lot of unlisted smaller and larger
  improvements, bug-fixes, typo corrections and code clean-ups
* Tons of fixed compiler warnings abd fixes to build system

* Thanks to all translators for updating translations


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