How to use custom icon for desktop submenu?

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards at
Wed Mar 30 19:47:25 CEST 2016

On 2016-03-30, Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards at> wrote:
> How do you specify a custom icon for an XFCE 4.12 desktop menu's
> submenu?
> For an application rather than a submenu, you can do this in foo.application:

Oops, I meant applications/foo.desktop

> Icon=/home/username/icons/foo.png
> But for submenu 'foo' specifying a path for an icon file in
> (same as above) doesn't work.
> AFAICT, for submenus you aren't allowed to specify the path of an icon
> file?  You're only allowed to specify an "icon name" or something?

I eventually got my custom submenu icon to work by installing it using
xdg-icon-resource and then using the icon file's basename.  Sure would
be nice if you could just specify the icon file's path the way you can
in a .desktop file.

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