Screen not repainting

Ernest Adrogué nfdisco at
Mon Mar 28 16:00:20 CEST 2016

2016-03-13, 05:56 (-0700); ToddAndMargo escriu:
> Hi All,
> FC23
> Xfce 4.12
> Whenever I come log into my GUI or come back from screen saver, my screen
> does not repaint. It is all black. Everything is still there, just click on
> it with the mouse and the item you hit will repaint. Mouse across the task
> bar repaints those items too. Once repainted, they stay repainted.
> This happened coincident with a "dnf upgrade"
> Any idea how to get normal behavior back?

I have the same problem on a Debian system.  It occurs at random, especially
when switching from full-screen mode in mplayer, I think, but not always.
I've also noticed some odd graphical glitches.  For instance, when hovering
the mouse over certain GUI elements in PyChess a kind of tooltip pops up,
but the tooltip window flickers and it actually shows a copy of the contents
of some other area of the screen, rather than a tooltip. I'm using the
open-source Radeon driver.


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