Display issue with dual screen-radeon HD-Xubuntu16.04

Damien Delpiroux xzurukneg at free.fr
Sun Jul 31 15:44:57 CEST 2016

Hi all!

I'm new to this list, and I would like to say, first, that I love XFCE
so much, since 2012! Thank you devs, it's the best environment for audio
with GNU system.

Because, now, I can't live without it, I would like to speak about my
issue with display, before report a bug, eventually.
All works perfectly with ubntu12.04.

But with ubuntu14.04, and mostly with ubuntu16.04 (the system I would
like to work with), I got an issue with my dual screen config. See
screen shot. They are configured like that because my screens are like that.
I need this to work (what I do since 4years), it's not just for fun.

So, with ubuntu16.04, the system autoconfig quite well the two screens,
and the "display" tool of xfce let adjust as I wish.
But when reboot and login, the display config is ok, _but I can't use
the desktop aera of the second screen_:
-can't put an icon on it
-can't create file/folder in this screen,
-well, can't use it as a desktop!
At this point, if I use "display" tool of xfce (or Xrandr) to change it,
then I can use the second screen as a desktop.
If I logout, then re-login: all is ok!
But not if I reboot, even if I try to "save the session". Comeback of
the problem.

I've tried to put the xrandr command line in the the "auto-launched
application" section (what I've did with xubuntu12.04 with success), but
strangely, that don't work.
Little detail but very disruptive for my workflow.



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