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On 12. Juli 2016 John Culleton <John at> wrote:

> The default screen size on my 22 inch monitor
> renders text  too small for my 83 year old eyes.
> so on my Slackware machine I use a script to
> change the size:
> xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1024x768
> I have just installed SUSE 42.1 on my other
> computer and specified xfce of course. 
> Is there a way on that other computer to just
> make the change in screen size automatic using
> XFCE itself to make the change?

To do exactly the same as the xrandr command, you may adjust the
resolution in 
  settings --> display --> resolution 

However, this has some side effects. Among others, it messes with the
aspect ratio of the content.
I would recommend a different approach: Dupe xfce into thinking that
the monitor has a very high pixel density (DPI). It will scale fonts to
more pixels to compensate. DPI can be set in
  settings --> appearance --> fonts --> custom DPI setting

Since the DPI setting affects only text, you might also want to
increase the size of the mouse pointer. This can be set in
  settings --> mouse and touchpad --> theme --> size 
You may have to log out and back in to see the effect.

Icons in the panel scale automatically with panel size.
The size of icons on the desktop can be increased in
  settings --> desktop --> icons --> icon size
This is also the place where to change the font size of the text below
the icon.

The size of icons in the file manager can be set in thunar itself:
 * type [ctrl-+] to increase icon size in the main section
 * go to edit --> preferences --> side_pane to change the size of icons
   in the side panel

For the size of icons in applications go to
  settings --> settings-editor(*) --> xsettings(*)
(*)= at the very bottom
  and change the variable "ToolbarIconSize" to something larger. E.g. 5

These settings seem quite a hassle when compared with a simple setting
of the display resolution. But I'd say, the result is worth the
effort. Your XFCE desktop will look as intended, just with increased
text and icons.


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