Frequent lockups - the resolution?

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Fri Apr 1 16:26:18 CEST 2016

I'm sure someone here would be more than happy to express mail you install media for any distro or software. That is, if you're comfortable posting your address. 

On April 1, 2016 6:52:50 AM PDT, brian <brian at> wrote:
>Thanks to all for the many suggestions. I'm fairly sure it wasn't a
>'dirty PC' problem, as I do keep the fans clean, and running the
>sensors for a while didn't show anything untoward. 
>I gave building my own XFCE 4.12 a try, but gave up on that - there
>are just too many version problems with vanilla Debian Jessie, i.e.
>newer versions of libraries required. I think 4.12 under Debian is
>going to need Sid, and while I did successfully upgrade to that in a
>virtual machine, the sheer volume of updates causes me problems due to
>the satellite internet connection, as I've said previously. 
>So where do I stand with the problem? Well, the switch to Chromium
>**appears** for the moment (frantically trying to get round Sod's
>Law!) to have cured the problem. I can't believe that it's a simple
>bug with Iceweasel and Jessie that has remained undiscovered for this
>long, I have to think it's one of those goofy multi-way interactions
>involving two or more pieces of software which *together* create the
>problem. Possibly using WINE applications doesn't help, but I've two
>Windows applications (my mailer/newsreader being one of them) which
>I've found absolutely nothing to equal in the Linux world, so WINE is
>an essential for me. 
>In short, I don't think I'm going to find the answer, but I think XFCE
>is probably in the clear. :) (It may be part of a multi-way problem,
>of course). 
>As long as Chromium keeps running reliably - and yes, I did have a
>couple of crashes with it, but none since I made the original post -
>then I'm going to leave well alone. 
>Thanks again for the ideas, everyone. 
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