How do I reset "open with"?

Sébastien ml at
Fri Oct 2 12:13:03 CEST 2015

le 2015-10-02, ToddAndMargo écrivit:
>That is a list of all my .desktop's.

Hi Todd

Each of these .desktop files in this location match with the entries you
see in the "Open with" and "Open with other application" sub-menus, and
a mimetype list decides which desktop file to to show depending on the
file type you click on.

>What I am after is when I am in a file manager, right click
>on a file name, select "open with", how do I get rid of
>all the stale junk?

I do not know off-hand any way to remove obsolete entries in bulk. 
Maybe the RPM equivalent of purging packages would work, assuming it
applies on non-installed programs. Or to remove the ones you
restored and only copy the ones you want. Another way, probably more
troublesome, might be to install the matching packages and uninstall
them afterwards. Or to write a script that compares the entries with
installed packages... or even emptying the directory (move the files
away), just for testing purposes.

If you're ready to do it "manually" though, it's pretty simple.

I had three copies of the "Wine Internet Explorer" entry shown whenever
I selected a JPEG file. Deleting the appropriate .desktop files in the
directory removed the entries in the "Open with" sub-menu.

Hope this helps, or at least clarifies my original reply.


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