xfce4-panel changing icon for showdesktop plugin

Sylvain xfce4 at ledragon.net
Sat Nov 28 07:04:01 CET 2015

Hi Charlie,

On 27/11/2015 18:34, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> Are you sure it apply also to plugin, for the panel?
> I apologize. No, I don't think it works with plugins. I don't know of
> any directory where you could that without editing it as root. What
> about changing it directly in that file? Not a good solution, and it
> may change back with updates, but it might work.

So I tested, it is harcoded for this panel plugin. At least this one:
showdesktop. I recompiled it and it changed. :-)
I think, for the purpose of changing this icon, I can change it in the
theme, for every instance of "user-desktop" icon.

I still would love to know if  ~/.local/share/applications/*.desktop
would work for panel's plugin taking care of it.

Your suggestion might work. It is just that this plugin ignores its
.desktop file, at least for its Icon. I don't know about xfce C api, I
just guessed.

Here's the C code where the plugin is getting its parameter hardcoded:

Thank for your help, you gave me the hint I was missing about this panel
plugin. I'm going to dig to some other plugin. Is there a wiki doc or
somewhere I could write such configuration path? When I will have found
the final destination.


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