Downloading podcasts

brian brian at
Wed Jun 17 11:07:50 CEST 2015

Hi all, 

Does anyone have any suggestions for a program which can be used to
download podcasts attached to an RSS feed? This is under Debian 8,

Under Debian 7, I used to use Liferea, and that worked just fine, but
the download agent has been changed to steadyflow in the version
distributed with Debian 8, and there's something strange going on,
because the dialog to pre-select the destination folder simply doesn't
show up - the part of the screen where it should be is blank. Yes, I
field a bug report about this, and offered to provide screen shots,
but no response. As it is, everything is saved to the desktop, and I
have to go through a save dialog for every file. 

I tried RSSOwl. Again, something appears to be wrong (with the 64-bit
version, at least!) since I always get a browser error, irrespective
of the setting I use - and yes, I have read the information in the
help file, and tried their solution, and it doesn't change anything. 

I've used Thunderbird. That works except for the fact that it appears
all downloads must be done manually. 

I'm stuck with a satellite internet connection (I have no alternative)
which means I can only download freely between 0200 and 0700 my time.
I really DON'T want to sit here downloading individual files, but I
simply don't have the bandwidth to listen to them 'live', i.e. without
downloading them in my unmetered five-hour window. 

Any suggestions, please? All I need is a program which will read RSS
feeds and download attached podcasts to directories which I can select
in advance. It doesn't seem like it should be that complicated...



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