ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.5.0 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Thu Jun 11 20:43:54 CEST 2015

xfdashboard-0.5.0 "Feeling faster and smoother" was released on 2015-06-11.

This is a development release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce






Release notes for 0.5.0

* Added dependency to libxfce4util in configure script. The minimum
  version required is 4.10.0
* Added new experimental code to delay window content creation. It
  will make the application "feel" faster on machines with slow
  graphics card (e.g. slow texture creation or uploading). A resume
  queue was implemented which will create the window texture one
  after one when the application is idle. This should help not to
  block the application at start-up or when switching to workspaces
  with many windows resulting in a "feeling" that the application is
  faster and more responsive. To enable this experimental code the
  be set to non-zero value when the application is started regardless
  if stand-alone or daemon mode.
* New feature is a emblem effect called XfdashboardEmblemEffect.
  This new effect allows an icon to be drawn over an actor and can
  be added multiple times.
* Improved tooltip to behave more the tooltip known of GTK+.
* Improved search responsiveness by delaying initial search. But
  this delay is turned off by default so it behave like before. The
  delay can be configured in the settings. (GH #86)
* XfdashboardLiveWindow will now reflect window state changes like
  urgent, minimized and pinned as CSS classes to get styles applied
  at one or more of this states.
* The icon to show for an missing image can now be themed via the
  property 'missing-icon-name' at XfdashboardImageContent. It is 
  not hard-coded to 'gtk-missing-image' anymore.
* Implemented a new themable property 'show-window-content' at
  XfdashboardLiveWorkspace to manage if a workspace actor (e.g.
  used in workspace selector) should show the window content of the
  windows at this workspace or to show the windows' icon instead.
  (GH #89)
* Implemented also a new themable property 'background-image-type'
  at XfdashboardLiveWorkspace which behaves like the property
  'background-image-type' at XfdashboardStage(Interface). (GH #81)
* Implemented a new  property 'show-current-monitor-only' at
  XfdashboardWorkspaceSelector to limit the windows to show at
  XfdashboardLiveWorkspace to the windows of the monitor where the
  selector is placed on. This feature can only be enabled in layout
  but not in CSS. All themes enable this feature. (GH #87)
* Implemented a new signal 'window-monitor-changed' at window tracker
  to signal that a window has moved from one monitor to another.
  This signal is used by the windows view to determine if the moved
  window has to stay in this view or if another window view instance
  has to create an actor for this window and to handle it. (GH #88)
* Do not track and handle window movements and resizes if the
  application is suspended. This should lower CPU usage while
  application is suspended and a window is moved or resized.
  (GH #44)
* Reimplement old "hack" resize stage to screen size but this time
  also listen for screen size changes. This implementation is only
  needed when using Clutter version 1.17.1 or lower. It is checked
  at run-time if this "hack" is needed (GH #95)
* Changed method to find desktop window. This fixes problems
  finding desktop window in daemon mode (GH #80)
* Show settings application menu entry also in other desktop
  environments than Xfce (GH #78)
* Fixed a bug that the windows view did not recognize that a window
  has move to the current active workspace when a workspace was
  removed and it did not show the moved window in view. (GH #91)
* Fixed a bug that the functions to determine the preferred width
  and height in XfdashboardScaledTableLayout are called recursively
  and crashes the application
* Fixed calculation of workspace selector's size by fraction or
  maximum size in multi-monitor setup by using size of
  XfdashboardStageInterface for calculation instead of stage's size
  which is the size of all monitors.
* Fixed duplicate IDs in CSS selectors by throwing an error
* Lots of memleaks fixed
* Lots of other bug-fixes
* Lots of typos fixed
* Updated translations:
    - es (prflr88)
    - he (GenghisKhan)
    - it_IT (cri)
    - sr (salepetronije)
* New translations:
    - fr (jc1)


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