Starting gnome services on startup (4.12)

Jarmo Hurri jarmo.hurri at
Fri Jul 3 11:57:05 CEST 2015

Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at> writes:

> It's gnome-screensaver relying on gnome-session, which it won't find
> running in xfce because xfce uses xfce4-session, not much xfce can do.
> I am not sure it makes much sense to keep this "Launch GNOME services
> on startup" option, it's misleading at best.

Ok, makes sense. But what I don't understand yet is that I have had the
same issue with previous releases of Fedora, and there the combo
gnome-screensaver and "Launch GNOME services on startup" solved the
issue. So has something changed radically since then?

I still have gnome-screensaver running under Xfce in my old computer
with Fedora 20 and - was it Xfce 4.10?


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