Problem with Sound settings

Kai-Martin Knaak knaak at
Fri Jan 23 13:09:17 CET 2015

James Moe wrote:

> My keyboard has mute and volume
> controls, which work as they should in Gnome, do not in xfce. The mute
> button mutes, but does not unmute.

Same here.
Unmute via the panel plugin does not work, either. What does work, though, 
is to open alsamixer and unmute all master and PCM manually. While mute 
applies consistently to master and PCM, unmute only unmutes master. 

I experience this on various different hardware, ever since I switched to 
XFCE about three years ago. I just live with it. If I accidentally press 
mute, I open alsamixer and unmute PCM. 

> The volume controls are useless.

Volume control via keyboard works for me (provided I have unmuted all 
channels with alsamixer)

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