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Wed Jan 21 22:15:08 CET 2015

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xfce 4.10
opensuse 13.2

  (Another in a series of questions.)
  This one is a bit difficult to describe...
  The Desktop folder has a few .desktop items in it. When I first
installed xfce, the icons shown were the "file/launcher" style. At
some point during settings changes, another set of icons appeared;
these are larger, follow the icon theme settings, and have an
invisible text below them. These newer icons are overlaid on the
original set.
  I can remove the original set by setting Settings Manager :: Desktop
:: Icons :: Icon type to "None". This leaves the larger set. Which is
okay but for the invisible text. Three of the 5 icons are the same.
The only way to know which is which is to select an icon; then the
foreground/background colors change and I can read the text.

1. Where does the second, larger set of icons come from?
2. How do I change the foreground or background color of either set of
desktop icons?

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