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Wed Jan 21 21:09:34 CET 2015

On Wed, 21 Jan 2015 11:00:44 -0700
James Moe <jimoe at> wrote:

>   Tweaking the settings for xfce sometimes causes the sound settings
> to disconnect. All sounds go silent.
>   The first symptom is that the speaker icon on the panel shows as
> muted, and it is not possible to unmute it. The only solution I have
> found to this situation is to reboot. Then I have to log into Gnome
> (KDE might work also, haven't tried) to re-connect and set the volume
> up in the Gnome "Sound" settings. I can then return to xfce and have
> sound.
>   There does not appear to be a similar settings panel for Sound that
> is required to re-enable sound after it has been damaged. The only
> sound option in Settings Manager is "Audio Mixer," which is not useful
> in this instance.
>   Perhaps I am missing something?

Do you use Pulse-audio ?

If so the XFCE volume control mutes the sound when you go down to zero, but does not unmute when you go back up.

One solution I found is to install pavucontrol, which lets you mute/unmute without problem.
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