Preferred Applications - webbrowser settings ignored

Friedrich Strohmaier gmane at
Mon Feb 23 12:24:58 CET 2015

Hi all,

I'm new to this list and have hopefully entered the right place :o)).
btw: I had to register both gmane and xfce at to write from gmane. No
glue whether this is intended or not..

Now the task..
I'm about filing a bug about the following behaviour of "Preferred
Changing the "Web Browser" setting appears to have no effect.

Annoyed by the fact getting default browser window but not an URL while calling
any URL out of XFCE4 environment (help button, URL recognized by
xfce4-terminal, ..) I followed this guide to change default browser setting:

I set up firefox following "Specify a custom Web Browser" but no change.
I selected chromium or even lynx, but no change

Doing all this results in get opened *firefox* without showing the desired URL.

I run  xfce4 4.10.1 on archlinux

before filing a bug I prefer asking for advice how I myself can fix it on my
system :o))


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