ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.3.9 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Fri Feb 20 20:06:22 CET 2015

xfdashboard-0.3.9 "Watching your apps" was released on 2015-02-20.

This is a development release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce





Release notes for 0.3.9

* Notice: Raised minimum version of Glib to 2.32 as too much
  macros are used that were introduce with this version

* New feature: XfdashboardDesktopAppInfo is a new class wrapping
  a GarconMenuItem and a string for the desktop ID. It also
  implements the GAppInfo interface. So it can be used - more or
  less - as a drop-in replacement for GDesktopAppInfo. By wrapping
  GarconMenuItem it gains all it's advantages over GDesktopAppInfo,
  e.g. supporting desktop file of type "Link" to start a web-browser
  with the url specified in desktop file. Also a "Link" desktop file
  can be added to quicklaunch. It emits a "changed" signal
  if the desktop file was modifed. So all icons in xfdashboard
  representing an application will be updated immediately (#67)
* New feature: XfdashboardApplicationDatabase is a new class
  combining all sources for applications. It wraps the GarconMenu
  instance for the root menu which contains all sub-menus and menu
  items and is used by applications view. It also loads all desktop
  files of installed application from system-wide paths and user
  directories. It notices all modifications to these desktop files
  (even if a user desktop file overrides a system-wide and vice
  versa) and sends a "changed" signal which causes the
  XfdashboardApplicationButton to update its title, description
  and icon. (#67)
* Removed feature: Removed hotkey tracker as it was no more
  or less a keylogger which also worked and called xfdashboard
  in background when the screen was locked. (#69)
* Implement "activating" signal at XfdashboardTooltipAction
  to get a last chance to update tooltip text before it is
* Rewrote XfdashboardSearchView to make use of selection and
  key-binding/key-navigation framework (#63)
* Added "GenericName" to application desktop file to better
  comply openSuSE desktop file validation checks (not all)
* Fixed compiler warnings, build system and other smaller bug
* Added translations:
    - es (prflr88)
    - he (GenghisKhan)
    - it_IT (cri)
    - sr (salepetronije)
  Thanks to all translators :)


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