Thunar unable to mount

jEsuSdA 8) listas at
Tue Oct 14 08:36:16 CEST 2014

Hi, here another problem with Thunar I can solve after upgrae:

Since glib update, Thunar it is no allowed to mount/unmount devices.

First I receive a message about org.freedesktop.udisk2 promt me to 
introduce the root pastword.

I search and I found several articles talking about policykit and I 
update several related packages (mount, udisk2, policykit-1, gvfs, dbus, 
...) and now Thunar only show me this message:

"Not authorized to perform operation." message is showed.

So, I don't know what nonsense is that. Something was working fine, 
suddently stop working.

Any ideas?
Thank you!

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