ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.3.4 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Thu Nov 27 07:17:27 CET 2014

xfdashboard-0.3.4 "Colorful" was released on 2014-11-27.

This is a development release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce





Release notes for 0.3.4

* New themes: Thanks to lacios a bunch of new themes are added.
  Please see 'settings' documentation how to change the theme
  xfdashboard should use. Currently you will have to restart
  xfdashboard to get the new selected theme applied
* New feature: Add a new CSS command @import() to include external
  CSS resources. The new themes make use of this command
* New feature: A theme can now style how to draw mininized or
  unmapped window. These new properties in XfdashboardLiveWindows
  are prefixed with "unmapped-window-icon-"
* Implemented a new common CSS selector framework that is already
  used in CSS theme
* Fixed higher CPU usage when a new window appears on screen while
  xfdashboard is running in daemon mode and is suspended (hidden)
  at that moment (#44)
* Fixed issue that changed view icons in view selector at a theme
  will not be applied by revalidating views on creation (#46)
* Fixed handling CSD windows by skipping finding window frame (#48)
* Fixed case-insensitive search for applications (#56)
* Replace deprecated AC_PROG_INTLTOOL with IT_PROG_INTLTOOL
* Small bugfixes to build system


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