bash, ~/.bashrc and PATH

Ulrich Goebel ml at
Sat Mar 22 15:19:23 CET 2014


I made a python-application, which starts shell-programs 
(os.system("xelatex ..."). In the ~/.bashrc I set the PATH to my (local) 
path for xelatex. As expected, all works fine as long as I start my 
application from a "normal" terminal.

But if I try to start it from the panel, it fails. What I did is: I made 
a starter an give the full path to my application, checking the "run in 
terminal". So my application starts fine - but not the 
os.system("xelatex ...").

To find the reason, I let my application just in its first line do 
os.system("env | grep PATH"). That shows that in the first case the PATH 
is set as given in ~/.bashrc but is not in the second case.

What to do?


Ulrich Goebel
Paracelsusstr. 120, 53177 Bonn

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