adapted $PATH not available for GUI

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Sun Mar 16 14:06:08 CET 2014

Adding the path in ~/.xsessionrc should accomplish what you want.

On Sun, Mar 16, 2014 at 11:17 AM,  <houghi at> wrote:
> I am running Debian and XFCE 4.10 that starts with lightdm.
> I am somehow unable to add $HOME/bin to all users in a simple way for
> **This is NOT about if this is a good idea¹**
> What I do now is put a LOT of file that I rather have in ~/bin into
> /usr/local/bin and also use full path to /home/user/bin for as many
> purposes as possible.
> I have tried adding 'PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH' into the following files:
> /etc/profile
> /etc/environment
> /etc/login.defs
> ~/.profile
> ~/.xinitrc
> Obviously I have added it to ~/.bashrc, so I can have it at least when I
> want to run it from a terminal, but I can not have it when I use e.g.
> `xfce4-appfinder -cr` which is linked to <ALT>-<F2>.
> So there must be some other file that sets PATH. A grep shows me 297 files
> that contain PATH. (238 if I remove the /etc/rc?.d/K* files.
> My question:
> Why are none of the files I have tried read?
> What file must I edit, so ALL users will be able to be using $PATH?
> What I understand is that .profile should be read, but isn't or it is
> ignored after starting the GUI. What could be the reason and where can I
> start looking to solve this.
> If need be, I can go upstream (i.e. debian) but then I first need to know
> WHY this is happening. When I used openSUSE 5.4 till 13.1, this worked by
> default, so I know it is possible.
> ¹I am aware of the advantages and disadvatages of adding SHOME/bin to
> $PATH and also what it means to add it at the beginning or at the end.
> This is not about ones person way of working and thinking compared to the
> others. This is about why settings are not being read and it does not work
> as _I_ want it to work.
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