General thoughts

Marshall Neill ramien43 at
Wed Mar 12 20:06:59 CET 2014

1)  I think it would be great to have Desktop settings, when choosing a 
backdrop, to remember where I was.
For instance, I click Add '+' button
Navigate to my Pictures folder.
I choose a picture but I want another, so I click the Add button again.
Does it go to my Pictures folder?  Nope, I have to navigate to Pictures 
This applies to any 'non-Xfce' background folder.  I have Gnome, Mate 
and Xfce.
Either I have to load up the Xfce folder or navigate repeatedly to add 
multiple pictures.
I guess you can gather by now I am a 'background picture junkie.'

2) The 'Windows key'
I would like to have the Windows key activate the Whisker menu, however, 
by doing so my shortcut keys, which use the Windows key, cause the 
Whisker menu to come up as well.
I think, just my in my opinion FWIW would be the following:
Have a flag that indicates it's been pressed.
If I press another key, then that flag is set to 'false'
So when I 'Release' the Windows key the Whisker menu is not activated.
I have programmed in VB and C# and they have separate events for keys, 
KeyUp, KeyDown, etc.
So I am totally ignorant if the code in Xfce is script-like, C or 
whatever, so I am not wise to how this can be accomplished but I think 
you'll understand what I mean in any case.
I think the code is written as if the Windows key is pressed act on it 
and I think it should only be activated if no other additional key has 
been pressed.

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