Rodent and rodent package manager release

edscott wilson garcia edscott at
Mon Mar 10 19:29:43 CET 2014

Rodent-fm is now at 5.2.7. This version now includes a package management
GUI for FreeBSD, set up as a plugin. This is called rodent-pkg. Not all
pkg commands are available by default ---only those I've tested to
satisfaction---  but may be enabled very easily if you want to test 'em.
They will probably work, since the code is the same as that for tested
function. Tested functions include "delete", "install", "fetch", "search"
and others. Future versions of rodent-pkg will have all commands enabled.
Support for rpm/zypper/yum and dpkg/apt-get combinations are in the roadmap
to provide a cross platform coherent package management tool which is not
exclusive to a particular OS distro.

Rodent-pkg requires rodent-fm 5.2.7 (which has full readline library support
and other improvements).

Also required is librfm-5.2.8, which fixes a condition where a false request
for sudo would be triggered on mv/ln/cp operations, and some other mv/cp/ln
issues on FreeBSD.

Both rodent-fm and rodent-pkg are available in the Rodent aplications meta
package rodent-5.2.7.

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