wanted: lightweight image viewer / editor?

Joel Brobecker brobecker at adacore.com
Tue Mar 4 14:33:36 CET 2014

> - So far, all of these lack the functionality to work with multiple
> images in a batch, like, selecting a couple of files downloaded from
> the camera and resize all of them. This, so far, is the feature that
> kept me using gthumb, even though the image browser mode in there
> generally is redundant. Maybe this would be better off being an
> add-on to Thunar...

For batch processing, I use good-old-fashioned "mogrify". It isn't
a graphical app, but works really well for what I need to do (eg,
create smaller versions of a bunch of pictures, storing them in
a parallel directory - or converting to a different format, etc).

Not sure what it does to the EXIF, though.


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