wanted: lightweight image viewer / editor?

Kristian Rink kawazu428 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 14:16:34 CET 2014


wow, first off, thanks a bunch for your inspirations. Loads of input, 
loads of tools to give a try. Installed some of the applications, not 
really happy though unfortunately:

- So far, all of these lack the functionality to work with multiple 
images in a batch, like, selecting a couple of files downloaded from the 
camera and resize all of them. This, so far, is the feature that kept me 
using gthumb, even though the image browser mode in there generally is 
redundant. Maybe this would be better off being an add-on to Thunar...

- None of these apps so far seem to provide any support for editing EXIF.

Overally, I'll keep on looking into things and playing with various 
applications. At the moment I am evaluating whether phatch [1] all along 
with thunar can get the batch processing done for me; for the rest I 
will have to see... :)

TIA and all the best,


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