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On Sun, Mar 02, 2014 at 04:47:47PM +0100, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
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> GTK apps always spam with tons of irrelevant warnings. Qt apps that care
> about dbus do the same. 

Never seen this before when I used openSUSE, which I use since S.u.S.E 6.0
or so till as recently as 13.1 last month.

> When using a terminal emulation it's more
> pleasant to avoid GUI editors. Instead of vi(m) I'm using nano, with the
> attached .nanorc. 

This is not an option for _me_ for various reasons:
1) The OS should adapt to me, I should not adapt to the OS. Otherwise I
just buy a pre-installed PC with Windows or Mac and be done with it.
2) gvim was just an example. Many programs have the same issue. In fact
there are more that have the issue then there are that don't. gvim might
be the one that I use most from the terminal, but other certainly do
qualify as well.

> Sometimes I use GUI editors too, then I ignore the
> grotesque warnings, 

I do this with the workaround with the alias. However that will also hide
errors and not only warnings. Same goes if I would just ignore them.

> if needed set variables and/or reset dconf
> permissions if needed. 

How would I set the variables and/or reset the dconf permissions? And what
would that result in? And what variables should I set?

> It has nothing to do with your distro's release.
> I'm using different distros, oner of them is the distro you are using.

I used openSUSE where I did not have the issue. When I first ran debian I
think I did not had the issue, but I am not sure. Not sure where it comes
from, but openSUSE does something different that makes it I do not see
these warnings.

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