gedit renders without a window frame

Damien Moore damien at
Thu Jul 10 20:41:07 CEST 2014

On Wed, 09 Jul 2014 18:40:38 +0200 "jEsuSdA 8)" <listas at> wrote:

> I think the natural replacements for Gnome apps is Mate apps.
> They are mantained, updated, and using GTK2 with all the power they had 
> when Gnome2 was alive. ;)
> If you are using Debian, mate desktops and apps could be found in the 
> official repositories.
> Caja -> Nautilus
> Pluma -> Gedit
> Eye of Mate -> Eye of Gnome
> Atril -> Evince
> Engrampa -> File Roller
> Mate Terminal -> Gnome Terminal
> As you can see, Pluma can be used instead Gedit. It is fast, has plugins 
> and it works fine inside our dear XFCE. ;)
> Cheers!

Is it possible to get the Caja file manager to work inside Xfce without
wrecking the desktop environment? I tried installing from the Debian
backports repository using Synaptic, and it seemed to work, but a lot of
other things happened which were not wanted. By the bye, Caja has the
very useful "Find file" menu item which seems to be missing from Thunar.

Damien Moore

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