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jEsuSdA 8) wrote:

> I think the natural replacements for Gnome apps is Mate apps.
> They are mantained, updated, and using GTK2 with all the power they had
> when Gnome2 was alive. ;)  

Are these regular forks?

> Caja -> Nautilus  

Well, I am already spoiled by xfce's thunar. It is lean and fast but still 
does everything I expect from a file manager GUI. Selling point was its 
decent handling of large directories like /usr/bin/

> Pluma -> Gedit  

Yes! This is gedit like it should be :-)

> Eye of Mate -> Eye of Gnome  

I use gthumb for screening of photos and images. It can to rename the 
image. There is even an utility to mass rename according to user specified 
rules. This is out of scope for eog and consequently not provided by eom, 
either. Unfortunately, current gthumb also suffers from the no-frame-no-
menu syndrome. Any recommendation for a lean alternative?

> Atril -> Evince  

just installed and is a keeper :-)

> Engrampa -> File Roller  

For some reason, I never felt the need to use file roller in the first 
place. I just use the command line tools.

> Mate Terminal -> Gnome Terminal  

I use sakura since quite some time. Why? Because it is less fuss, less 
footprint. :-)

Thank you for the tip. Back in the days when I got seriously annoyed by 
gnome3, I felt that the approach of mate is somewhat retrogressive. For 
the whole desktop I still prefer the more forward looking xfce way. But 
for individual applications and tools that hit a sweet spot in usability,  
a decent amount of conservatism may be the way to go.

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